Episode #9 The Last One!


Okay, I have had my say. Another attempt to explore a world view beginning with the one thing we can all agree upon, we all begin life inside a woman’s body…so seriously what the hell happened. I am moving on to reworking this podcast and putting it into it’s next form, a theatre piece or a film is what I am thinking now. So partnering with a director and or cinematographer is my next expansion. Exciting. Any thoughts? Ideas?

Book I recommend is Feral by George Monbiot  It’s a great read and speaks to rewilding nature vs conserving nature. Informative, hopeful and real.


The film I recommend is Into the Forest by Patricia Rozema which I wrote a blog about and want to give it another shout out. It  gets called a chick flick instead of ‘hey check out this film’. And so it goes.


Am just starting to read Kitten Clone by Douglas Coupland who has a masterful voice deconstructing culture. This one is about the internet and it’s effect on our world. Just a small dive in has been mind-blowing.

I am so grateful to have had this platform to get my say out there. If I died tomorrow I would have had my say and that is a comfort somehow for the tomorrows I have left. I recommend doing it. Let me know if you do..

Thank you.


Episode #9 The Last One!