Episode #8 ‘A Woman’s Ego’

The Chinese curse ‘May you live in interesting times’ seems to be upon us. Onward.

Just read a wee book called ‘The Leipzig Connection’ by Paolo Lionni. It looks into the formation of the American educational system from about 1850 onward. It seems the advent of psychology and the changing perception of what a human is – the Pavlovian response, for example – that steered education away from promoting thought and discourse and towards rote learning.

If you are interested in exploring many excellent minds on the subject of children and education I can recommend Michael Mendozza’s foundation ‘Touch the Future’ and his wonderful website https://ttfuture.org/

Am closing in on my last episode with #9 being the last I have planned. All of them heard from 1 through 9 is meant to be a radio play. Will do an edit of the whole thing and then put that up as #10. Thanks for listening.




Episode #8 ‘A Woman’s Ego’